Solar Energy


Solar energy is obtained from solar radiation that reaches the Earth in the form of light, heat or ultraviolet rays. It is a type of clean and renewable energy, because its source, the Sun, is an unlimited resource.

Solar energy can be used in the following ways: through thermal conversion that consists of transforming solar energy into thermal energy. or by photovoltaic conversion in which solar panels are used to collect the light energy and turn it into electricity.






Electron Energy Group makes available the use of this energy through the following main services:


Photovoltaic installations for self consumption

Connected to the electrical network, which means an important electrical saving and unlimited resource of energy.

Installations isolated to the electricity grid, electricity supply is obtained and energy supply the house without connection to the generalm network.

Operation of direct electrical systems with photovoltaic such as solar pumps, solar treatment plants or water purification plants.

Power chargers for electric cars, in the garage of your home or in the parking of your company. Have your own charging center using solar energy for charging your electric car.


Solar thermal installation

Solar thermal service for sanitary water, reaching maximum temperatures of 102ºC with large supply capacities.

Air conditioning, use of high water temperatures for heating with underfloor heating.